⌂ 9 Reasons Your San Diego Home is Not Selling

1. Condition - You may have deferred maintenance to save money. Maybe you're not aware of the condition or upgrades within the homes around you. You probably made some upgrades and the buyers want a home that's completely move-in ready. Either way, something has to be done if you really want or need to sell the home.

2. Availability - Have you limited the home's availability / exposure to buyers? If you won't allow a lockbox for whatever reason or only want to show it when you're free, buyers and their agents move on to the next home. Even if it is inconvenient to you because you have to collect your pets or kids every time or maybe it's difficult keeping it spotless. It needs to be available to buyers if you want it sold.

3. Pricing - You don't want to "give away your home". That's obvious and reasonable. Do you want to sell it though? If it's priced more than the identical home down the street that just sold for $50,000 less, it's an issue. First, buyers are savvy. They know how much that home sold for. Second, even if a buyer did really want it and decided it's worth the extra $50k to them, once it got appraised for less, their lender might not approve the loan and it may fall out of escrow, wasting more time not being sold. Which leads to the third concern: days on market. The longer your home is on the market and doesn't sell, the more "stale" it gets to buyers. They think there must be something wrong with this home since no one has snatched it up. Price it right from day one. It's better than the alternatives.

4. Clutter - You have too many things all over the place and personal pictures on the wall. It's too cluttered for the buyers to envision living there and your personal items like family photos aren't helping. Take down photos and put everything you don't use daily in boxes and place in the garage or better yet, in storage.

5. Odors - Do you have pets? Do you smoke? Many people are allergic or very sensitive to these smells that you've become accustomed to. Some odors won't come out even with deep cleaning, painting walls, and replacing flooring. Your home's value will be reduced for this.

6. Listing Photos - Check your agent's photos of your home once they are taken. They don't necessarily have to be professionally done because many agents have extensively studied photography. Still, confirm the lighting and angles are complimentary to your home and its best features.

7. FSBO - Are you trying to sell it yourself (For Sale By Owner) to "save money"? That's fine, try it. You may do just fine. If you're not getting enough attention after a few weeks on the market, consider why. Are you in the MLS which syndicates listings to every home selling website nationally, and even internationally where many cash buyers find listings like in China, Canada, UK, etc? Do you know all of the top brokers in town to hold a "Broker's Open" which brings in all of their agents with buyers looking for homes like yours? Most buyers' agents skip FSBOs because they know the sellers don't understand the contracts, which can lead to legal liability down the road and they have a duty to protect their clients.

8. Busy Agent - Did you pick the busiest, most popular agent in town? Maybe they quoted you the highest pricing for your home (just to secure the listing). Contrary to popular belief, this agent isn't the best to represent your home. They're too busy to show it to buyers or even to answer buyers' agent's calls to schedule showings. If you haven't already signed with a listing agent, pick one that's knowledgeable but not too busy to properly market your home.

9. Title - Is there a lien on the property or some other issue that clouded title like unpermitted work or conveyance without recorded deed? Ask your agent to pull a preliminary title report to review.


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