⌂ Strategies to Improve Your Credit Score

1. Pay down your credit cards or pay them off completely if possible.

2. Going forward, pay all your bills on time. Set reminders & mark your calendars. Late or non-payments have a major negative impact on your credit scores.

3. Keep credit card balances low. Put low cost items on credit cards each month to keep them active but use cash for everything else.

4. Don't close unused credit cards and don't open new credit cards. This negatively affects the length of your credit history, which lowers your credit scores.

5. Do not purchase cars, furniture, or other high priced items where your credit will be run. This dings your score and reduces your likelihood of qualifying for a home loan.

6. Check your credit score to track its improvement.

7. Most home loans require a minimum of a 620 credit score to qualify. If you're not there yet, repeat the tips above.